Code of Behaviour
  • kineticus & kugelbahn are open platforms devoted to the subject of kinetic art, artists and interested parties.
    We understand 'Kinetic Art' as an open collective term.
    There are variable limits to other style directions like land art, light art, optical art, sound sculpture and so on)
  • kineticus & kugelbahn are open for professional artists, for laymen, for known and unknown artists as well.
  • kineticus & kugelbahn are independent, easygoing and sometimes bold, but we respect copyrights and intellectual property rights of the artists
    and go to strengthen them.
    These rights remain in possession of the artist even if an artist leaves own pictures to the webmasters for publishing on the websites.
  • kineticus & kugelbahn take proposals of artists into consideration (f.e. link texts, assortment of pictures...).
    E-Mails to the webmasters get answered prompt.
  • kineticus & kugelbahn welcome new forms of cooperation and partnership.
November 9, 2005












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