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This website is devoted to the subject of Kinetic Art, Rolling Ball Sculptures, Automata, weird machines and wooden and paper mechanics. was launched in April, 2000 and is permanently evolving since then. I hope the content is of interest to you and I'm glad to hear from you. Special thanks to Michael Barbulescu, Marcel, Bétrisey, Mark Bischof, Urs Bleuler, Gerard Blülle, Rolf Boesch, William Dubin, Bernward Frank, Matthew Gaulden, Walter Gerber, Stefan Grünenfelder, Alex E. Hüttinger, Falk Keuten, Bradley N. Litwin, Lüthi-Aufzüge AG, Museum Haus Löwenberg, Markus Obrist, Markus Ottiger and Arno Wilhelm for their contributions. Thank you for your visit!

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