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There are marble runs made of wood in many play-rooms. The marbles run down crossing from left to right and back. How it goes, you may change an easy matter into a complicated one! One or more balls follow one or more paths, rolling and falling down to the bottom. Depending on the type the balls actuate mechanical (or electronical) effects.
Rolling Ball Sculptures are an attraction. People of any age stop and watch the rolling balls very closely and quite often for a long time. It seems to be very fascinating, to get to the bottom of the dynamic of motions, actions and effects, which are caused by the balls.
And finally my short definition: Rolling Ball Sculptures are devices which use the gravity of balls to interpret movement. The most simple ball run is the trace, which is defined by a falling ball.

Kinetics is the science of relations between motions of bodies and forces acting upon them. Kinetic art is a way of contemporary art depending upon movement for its effect. Their most famous representatives are Alexander Calder (1898 - 1976) with his Stabiles and Mobiles and Jean Tinguely (1925 - 1991) with his poetical machines made of scrap.

The following feature about history and development of kinetic art is very interesting. Thanks to Michael Mahla.
The dynamisation of art in the 20th century (1993, Copyright © 2000 by Michael Mahla)


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