Stefan Grünenfelder , Sinnwerkstatt GmbH , Hanns-Martin Wagner , Mark Bischof , Bernhard Jordi , Herbert Elias Bättig , Michael Barbulescu , Peter Berger , Marcel Bétrisey , Urs Bleuler , Gerard Blülle , Rolf Boesch , Markus Gasser , Matthew Gaulden , Walter Gerber , Charles Gough , Ernst Heye , Helmut Lindemann , Walter Nick , Markus Ottiger , Arno Wilhelm, William Dubin , Bradley N. Litwin
Rolling Ball Sculptures and Kinetic Objects by Hanns-Martin Wagner
All photographs by and © 2000 Ursula Graf and Hanns-Martin Wagner, Sinnwerkstatt GmbH, Oberrenggstrasse 14A, CH-8135 Langnau a.A., +41 (0)79 587 76 13
More references at Sinnwerkstatt GmbH
Assortment of Rolling Ball Sculptures, 2012 (commissions)
Five Kinetic Play Sculptures, 2012 (commission)
Rolling Ball Steeple, 2010 (commission)
Experimenta RBS, 2009 (commission)
World's largest Rolling Ball Clock, 2008 (commission)
netzWERT, Rolling Ball Pyramid, 2008 (commission)
Rolling Ball Stele, 2006
Tabu Box, 2006
Rolling Ball Event, 2006 (commission)
RBS for Amman, 2005/2006 (commission)
Rolling Ball Room 2005/2006 (commission)
Cycle, 2005 (sold)
Machine with loaded Crossbow, 2005
Chicken Run, 2005 (commission)
Motorway, 2005 (commission)
Drill Well, 2005 (commission)
Bingo-Ball-Run for MDR, 2004
Cheers!, 2004
The Way To The Top, 2003
The Most Beautiful Machine, 2003

Rolling Ball Sculpture, 2003 (sold)
Perpetuum, 2003 (commission)
Watermark, 2002
Spielskulptur, 2002 (sold)
Flies, 2001
Wheel Mechanisms, 2001
Rolling Ball Wheel, 2001
Rolling Ball Tube, 2001 (sold)
Back To The Roots, 2000

Good Upbringing, 1999
Big Ben, 1999
Realm Of The Dead, 1998 - 2000
Flying Saurian, 1998
All For Nothing, 1998
Drill Well, 1999 (sold)
My First Ball Run, 1991

Flying Saurian

Rolling Ball Sculptures by Stefan Grünenfelder
Stefan Grünenfelder is happy about people copying his Rolling Ball Sculptures! All photographs by and © 2000 Stefan Grünenfelder, CH-6937 Breno, Tessin

The Rolling Ball Sculpture No. 9 by Stefan Gruenenfelder (Switzerland) can be watched in the
Video (2,44 MB) (by Marc Mehli). It shows lots of fascinating details and devices.
Rolling Ball Sculpture No. 17 in the galvanising bath
Rolling Ball Sculpture No. 16: Granada (E)
Rolling Ball Sculpture No. 15
Pictures of Rolling Ball Sculpture No. 14 in Korea
Rolling Ball Sculptures No. 13 and No. 14 Granada (E) und Seoul (Südkorea)
Rolling Ball Sculpture No. 12 Schliern BE (CH)
Rolling Ball Sculptures No. 9 and No. 10, 2001 Schaffhausen (CH) und Oed (A)
Rolling Ball Sculpture No. 8, 2000 Saanen (CH)
Rolling Ball Sculpture No. 7: Münchenbuchsee (CH)
Rolling Ball Sculpture No. 6, 1999 Hilterfingen (CH)
Rolling Ball Sculpture No. 4, 1998 Gurten, Berne (CH)
Rolling Ball Installation "Dream Castle" by Herbert Elias Bättig
All photographs by and © 2007 Herbert Elias Bättig
Pictures of "Dream Castle"
Rolling Ball Sculptures by Michael Barbulescu
All photographs by and © 2000 Michael Barbulescu, Rochusstr. 76, D-53123 Bonn, michael.barbulescu at (special syntax just because of spam)
Rolling Ball Sculpture (Pictures taken in 2004)
Rolling Ball Sculpture (Pictures taken in 2001) (Front and back view)
Video (1,4 MB) of a magnetic curve
Ball Dispenser after a construction by Pierre Andres
Video (1,4 MB) of the Ball Dispenser
Ball Stairway after an animation by Jürgen Kintscher
Video (1,4 MB) of the Ball Stairway
Rolling Ball Sculptures by Peter Berger
All photographs by and © 2012 Peter Berger
Sphaerologium 1.0
Sphaera Orbit
WINIX, 2012
Rolling Ball Clocks by Marcel Bétrisey
Fascinating clocks by Marcel Bétrisey from Sion, Switzerland are to be seen on his website
Rolling Ball Sculptures and Kinetic Objects by Mark Bischof
The Glass Marble Maschine (300 x 300 x 250 cm) made of fine woods and brass is one of the masterworks of Mark Bischof. The short film Kinetic by Jan Wouter van Reijen based on several kinetic objects gives a good impression of the fantastic work by Mark Bischof. For further information go to
Rolling Ball Sculptures by Urs Bleuler
All photographs by and © 2000 Urs Bleuler at Honegger+Enderli AG, Metallbau, Lindengartenstrasse 16, CH-8302 Kloten, Tel: +41 (0)44 813 72 69, Fax: +41 (0)44 813 49 39
Cage, 2002
Cage, closed
Details 1
Details 2
Octopus, 1998
Cyclone, 1996 (sold)
First Ball Machine, 1994/95 (sold)
Rolling Ball Sculptures by Gerard Blülle
All photographs by and © 2001 Gerard Blülle, Helgengüetlistr. 7, CH-6015 Reussbühl, Phone: 0041 (0)41 260 64 82
Gerard Blülle - ReussbühlThematische Kugelbahnen und Gegenstände
Videos from the below listed objects can be watched in the Motion-Ball Theater
The Ruhige-Kugel-Schieb-Maschine, 2005
Es geht wieder aufwärts, 2005 Things are looking (rolling) up
Sich-selber-Steine-in-den-Weg-leg-Maschine, 2004 Threw-Itself-Stones-In-Its-Way-Machine
Boulot, 2004 (boulot = an expression about the never ending labour)
Femme et vigne, c'est le bonheur ou la guigne, 2002
Frau Meier, 2002 Mrs. Rex
U-Kugelbahn, 2001 Submarine Ball Sculpture
Hochzeitsbrunnen, 2001 Wedding Fountain
Modellkugelbahn, 2001 Ball Run Model
Selbstportrait Herbst 2000, 2001 Self-portrait Autumn 2000
Mobilé, 2000 / Regenbogen, 2000 Mobile / Rainbow
Wassergarten, 2000 The Water Garden
Schokoladenkugelauswurfautomat, 2000 Automatic Chocolate-Ball Ejector
Rolland, 1999 Rolland
Tag und Nacht, 1999 Day and Night
Kyburg, 1999 Kyburg Castle
Labyrinth von Chartres, 1999 The Labyrinth of Chartres
Das königliche Spiel, 1998 The Royal Game
Rolling Ball Sculpture and Sand Sculpture by Rolf Boesch
All photographs by and © 2000 Rolf Boesch, Luzernerstr. 9, CH-6353 Weggis
Wall Rolling Ball Sculpture, 1998
Starry Sky, 1994
Sand Sculpture, 1994
Rolling Ball Sculptures by Markus Gasser
Markus Gasser from Switzerland shows his Rolling Ball Sculptures on the website
Rolling Ball Sculptures by Matthew Gaulden
Matthew Gaulden (USA) shows his Rolling Ball Sculptures on the website
He also maintains a "
how to make a Rolling Ball Sculpture" section on his website.

Rolling Ball Sculpture by Walter Gerber
All photographs by and © 2005 Walter Gerber, 5035 Unterentfelden, Tel: 0041 (0)62 723 79 42
Wooden Crocodile
Rolling Ball Sculptures by Charles Gough
All photographs by and © 2010 Charles Gough
Have a look at his excellent Blog
How To Make A Rolling Ball Sculpture
Rolling Ball Sculpture
Rolling Ball Sculptures by Ernst Heye
All photographs by and © 2013 Ernst Heye
Also have a look at his
Website and Youtube channel.
The Pyramid of Nofretete (2006)
Phoenix (2007)
Bit by Bit (2008)
7 Ways for Munich (2012)
The Sound of Springtime (2012)
kunstzeug by Bernhard Jordi
The kinetic works by Bernhard Jordi (CH) are on exhibition at:
his website
Rolling Ball Sculpture by Helmut Lindemann
All photographs by and © 2010 Helmut Lindemann,
Kigel, Kagel, Kugel (2005)
Elefantenkugelbahn (2010)
Rolling Ball Sculpture by Walter Nick
All photographs by and © 2010 Walter Nick, Schürliacherstrasse 2, CH-8312 Winterberg
Rolling Ball Sculpture (2010)
Marble Machine No. 2 (2012)
Rolling Ball Sculpture by Bradley N. Litwin
All photographs by and © 2000 Bradley N. Litwin, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Click on for more informations about Bradley N. Litwin, the 'self-made madman' and sculptor of automata and rolling ball devices
Extra-Universal Movement, 1979

Kinetic piece by Bradley N. Litwin
Mechanical Atom Smacker, 1985

Virtual devices by Bradley N. Litwin
The making of machines in virtual space...
Plucker 1

Elevator Clock for Steel Balls Lüthi-Aufzüge AG
All photographs by and © 2004
Elevator Clock
Rolling Ball Sculptures by Markus Ottiger
All photographs by and © 2002 Markus Ottiger
One of his ball runs is an attraction at the center of the waste disposal site in Emmen.
Pictures show his second ball run in the Emmen-Mall near of Lucerne (Switzerland).
Rolling Ball Sculptures and Kinetic Objects by Sinnwerkstatt GmbH
A factory designing and constructing RBS, kinetic devices and special effects for museums, science centers, organizations and events.
Rolling Ball Sculptures by Arno Wilhelm
All photographs by and © 2002 Arno Wilhelm - Graziani, Schöngrundstr. 42, CH-4600 Olten, Tel: 0041 (0)62 212 37 52
Untitled (RNO 61.00)
Untitled (RNO 90.01)
Untitled (RNO 93.01)
Untitled (RNO 97.01)
Untitled (RNO 102.02)
Untitled (RNO 106.02)
Kinetic Art by William Dubin
All photographs by and © 2000 William Dubin, California, USA. William Dubin considers himself to be a sculptor, rather than a model engineer. His pieces are based on steam engines of the 19th century. Also see at
Untitled Scultpure
Ball Run by Stahl & Traum
All photographs by and © 2001 Stahl & Traum
Ball Run - photographs 1
Ball Run - photographs 2
The Ball Run in the Glattcenter was ordered by SBB, CityNightLine, DB (railway companies in Switzerland and Germany). The managing director of the project was Urs Grob.
Do you wish to exhibit Rolling Ball Sculptures on this website? You can email me on I'm looking forward to hear from you!


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