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       The Cabaret Mechanical Theatre - Travelling Show with a large collection of Automata, mechanical sculptures and other curious machines. The exhibition of the former museum in Covent Garden (London) tours around the world. The Fourteen Balls Toy Co. began in June 1986 and has been making automata ever since. The company consists of Paul Spooner who designs the majority of the automata , Matt  Smith who co designs and produces all the models and Sarah Smith ( Matt's wife ) who has been doing the bulk of the painting for the past few years. Automata, automata kits, projects and exhibitions by Keith Newstead A wonderful collection of  Working Models & Old Penny Games, from the piers and seaside arcades of Great Britain. Most of them are British made from 1900 to the 1950’s. When Automata and Ball Run comes together Dale Bix Emery can't be far away! The gumball needs 45 seconds to get out of the machine. For some history of kinetic vendors, check Extensive website with contemporary automata by Philip Lowndes Malcolm Brook lives in Schömberg near Pforzheim, Germany. His website shows beautiful made "Mechanical Poetry" like the ones from the English Automata Makers. The Robot Factory by Serge Jupin, a French sculptor currently living and working in Paris and London. Automata by Sophie Catherine Naylor. She graduated from University studying Illustration and Animation and specialised in her final year in Automaton. Bow shooting boy: Japanese complex mechanical toy (producer GAKKEN), available as kit or completely mounted. The history and tradition of the ‘Karakuri Ningyo’ craft, and its influence on technology and the arts in Japan. A fascinating article on automata! Wonderful trickboxes by Akio Kamei (Japan) Mechanical Musical Instruments and Living Dolls (Automata) from The Murtogh D. Guinness Collection The Belgian gallery exhibits automata and kinetic objects of more than 15 artists. The website of Matthias Schmid, metal worker, stage designer and light engineer Mondoskop - a mechanical, theatrical project by the Workshop of Accidental Research The website of Dug North. He focused on making one-of-a-kind automata from wood and brass, like the magician that can pull 6 different things out of his hat! The Teatro de Automatas is a traveling automata theater, collected and performed by Gonzalo Canas. Uli Winters designs and constructs coin operated machines. An online shop for automata kits designed by the owner Eric Williamson and produced in China. Articulated Artwork designed by Tom Haney. Automata operated by keys, cranks, weights or wind-up motors. Contemporary Automata and Mechanical Sculptures by Martin Smith. Many pictures are animated! Slot Machines, automata, models and clocks by Will Jackson Kinetic sculptures and automata by Chris Fitch Justin Miller is a collector of rare Black Forest Clocks. Many of these clocks are pre 1900 Automatons. Ernie Fosselius is an american filmmaker who makes cool little hand-cranked toys that he shows off in a home made pedal car. Click on for Video. The automata by the French artist Jean-Pierre Camus match the tradition of the 19th century. Also two mechanical shadow plays are shown at Automata by Lira Hernan from Argentina Automata made by the Japanese artist Kazu Harada Probably the smallest automat! Miniature Automata by St. Leger Best known in Britain: Tim Hunkin and his great ideas, machines and coin operated automata. And than there is "The Under The Pier Show Amusement", a mad collection of home-made slot machines & simulator rides on Southwold Pier, Suffolk, UK Automata, machines, mechanical sculptures and special effects by Dominique Corbin Automata by the sculptor René Ach. Also have a look at the video. Rotsch-o-mat designs and sells automata kits (paper and wood). Also have a look at the works by Roger Weber (click on Rotsch)! A wonderful kinetic orchestra by Maxime de la Rochefoucauld. Music performed by automatons by mechanized acoustic sculptures animated by inaudible frequencies. Their oddly organic polyrhythms are orchestrated to produce a ritualistic trance-like music. Mechanical theatre and water automata in the Castle Hellbrunn in Salzburg A range of wooden automata designed by Eric Williamson Art*o*mat machines are retired cigarette vending machines that have been converted to vend art. Acoustic objects, automats and the popular Table Dancers by Stephan von Huene Mechanical toys and sculpture incorporating found metal objects by Gina Kamentsky
The Swiss clockmaker Emmanuel Cottier is the creator of wonderful mechanical shadow plays. At the bottom of the website you can click through the different pictures and steering mechanisms. This website shows the so-called Pachinko Gambling Machines. Interessting is the Automatic Ball Lifter which is available on this site. It automatically takes balls from the bottom ball bin in back of the machine and lifts them to the hopper on the top of the machines. George Rhoads many works: Kinetic sculptures, rolling ball machines, toys, gum ball machines, wind pieces, clocks... Rob Addams' pages show automata and give help to people constructing them. Whimsical, movable creations: Automata by Dan Torpey Windup Automata and electronically controlled Automata which combine traditional mechanics with todays technology The BB-Box by Yoshihiro Banba shows mechanical wooden automata (click on "The Gallery"for pictures and other links) Finest automata by Francois Junod by T.I.L. Productions: Creation and manufacture of automata, androids and musical boxes and production of videofilms about the subject. Haxanthrobotic art, androids, automata & optical wonders by the sculptor Thomas Kuntz The best French website about automata. animated sculptures, robots, androids and fun by Jean-Louis Trinquier Hansjörg Leible and his crew designe individually barrel and pneumatic organs. The carefully arranged music is accompanied by various sounds and by the movable figurines (f.e. the dumpling eater). The website of the clock maker Yves Cupillard including a museum with automata all made in his studio. Figurative automata by David Archer - a bit like visiting the fun fair Wood and metal mechanical sculptures by Carlos Zapata Wooden Automata, kinetic objects and productions by the Argentinean Laura Zelaya. Also see the two blogs and Automata by Steve Stackpole Tom Lloyd's sumo automata and wood folk art Michael and Maria Start are passionate restorers and dealers of antique automata since many years. The International Arcade Museum® is the world's largest museum of the art, inventions and history of the amusement and coin-operated machine industries. That makes about 13'000 machines! Automata, robots and androids by Luis Munoz The Clockwork Universe: Automata operated by clockworks by Kevin Wright. And here is the direct link to the Video. Contemporary folk art automata by Bud & Suzanne Richards Automata of dancing figures by Rich Newman  




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