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       Mark Bischof's rolling ball bculptures, kinetic works and complex machines are made of fine materials and are both - functional and aesthetic. On the first page are the gates to a lot of pictures: Rolling Ball Sculptures, Lifting Mechanisms, Gating Systems and many other technics by Edward Boes
Sinnwerkstatt, a factory designing and constructing RBS, kinetic devices and special effects for museums, organizations and events The kinetic works by Bernhard Jordi (CH). Also have a look at Youtube and Facebook. A few of Pierre Andres wooden Rolling Ball Sculptures are part of the exhibition in the Technorama in Winterthur, Switzerland. Pierre Andres website shows and explains his work.
Supposably the world oldest ball run exhibited in the Bode-Museum in Berlin Fred Crusade's new website. He's been fabricating Rolling Ball Sculptures for about 20 years! Marcel Bétrisey is manufacturing prototypes and creating Rolling Ball Clocks! The purpose of a Rube Goldberg Machine is to build the most complicated machine possible to perform a simple everyday task. The shown machine by Jacob Shwirtz reveals a hidden message in 47 steps involving a rolling golf ball. An amazing descovery: The two Rolling Ball Sculptures by Dr. Vic Chaney. One of them works with a rescue helicopter for lost balls! Four "Play Machines" with ball runs by the artist Ellen Muck. How to make a Rolling Ball Scultpure. Lots of tips, hints and pictures by Mark Gough. The electrical engineer Jürgen Kintscher describes his projects and presents a lot of very helpful material explaining lifting mechanisms, gating systems, effects a.s.o.. Many animated pictures make it easy to understand. The Rolling Ball Web is the main entry point to an online Compendium of Rolling Ball Sculptures, Clocks, etc. of Dr. David MacMillan. George Rhoads many works: Kinetic sculptures, rolling ball machines, toys, gum ball machines, wind pieces, clocks... Rolling Ball Sculptures and Ball Clocks made of fine crafted hardwood by the designer Jeff Funkhouser The so-called Gravitram Sculptures (from GRAVIty and TRAMway) by Shab Levy are exhibited in museums all over the world. The Swirling Brain Rolling Ball Sculptures by Jim Brown. The website and gallery with Rolling Ball Sculptures by Didier Legros The latest Rolling Ball Sculpture by Martin Preston For more than 20 years Alain Schartner builds Rolling Ball Sculptures. Rolling Ball Sculptures, kinetic and figurative sculptures by Andrew Smith, Utah The so-called Gravitrams and other Rolling Ball Machines by Roland Orbs. Kinetic Sculptures and Rolling Ball Devices The Los Angeles based sculptor Bruce Gray is known for his kinetic sculptures which include mobiles, magnet sculptures and rolling ball sculptures or ball machines. and Matthias Wandel's page with "complicated and ingenious, but utterly useless pieces of machinery that automate the process of playing with marbles". Auf der Website von Peter Berger sind die mit Bundespreisen ausgezeichneten Arbeiten Sphaerologium 1.0 und 2.0 zu sehen. Mit der Arbeit SphaeraOrbit landet Peter Berger auch in der Welt der Kugelbahnen. Rolling Ball Sculptures and wirework by Ernst Heye "Chugelibahnen" des Schweizers Markus Gasser. Rolling Ball Sculptures by Stephen Jendro Two Rolling Ball Sculptures by Urs Martin Traber are situated in Au (Lake Zurich) and in Lihn. Rolling Ball Sculptures by Matthew Gaulden. The website shows lots of pictures and videos of Rolling Ball Sculptures welded with stainless steel construction. There is also a "how to make a Rolling Ball Sculpture" section on his website. Gerhard Enste, a member of CompuRama, has been able to build this marble machine. On 14 February 2009, he demonstrated his maschine to the members by solving the chain calculation 5 + 2 + 1 + 2 = 10. Ball runs build with Lego-rail tracks, bells, tables and chairs and many more? Have a look at the Dutch website by Jelle Bakker. Part of the ball runs have a total length of 1000 meters and more! leads to the seperate christmas project web site! links the Rolling Ball Community Forum
Marbles by the bucket go up and come all down again: the marble machine by Samuel J. Fleiner, Concept Nouveau at Click on "Eigene Arbeiten" and then on Kugelbahnen 3: A whole store window filled with a Rolling Ball System by Markus Obrist (also look at details). There are also sections with automata and other kinetic pieces. Mechanical toys and sculpture incorporating found metal objects and rolling ball devices by Gina Kamentsky In „Tracker Rocker“ from Brad Litwin rolls a ball through a circle track with helpful mechanics. With the keywords Quadrapult, Octapult, Rotapult or Tetra Cycling you can find some other exciting works of this artist, who is a wonderful blues and ragtime musician too.
Legomaniac Mario, Spain, was highly inspired by Brad Litwin. See the „Ball launcher“: Some other outstanding nearly philosophical works you can find with the keywords Sin Fin I and II and Lego Marble Carousel.
Pictures of a Rolling Ball Sculpture in the Big Idea, a museum in Irvine, Scotland Marble runs inspired by roller coasters by Charlie Francus The bubble machine by Erich Wetzel provides fragile "balls". Brigham Young University student sculptor Darrell Tousley strikes with Bowler Coaster sculpture. The bowling ball propels 45 to 50 miles per hour around loops and turns on 200 feet of steel track. is the direct link to Chaos, a Rolling ball Sculpture by Jeff Owen. Click at for kinetic sculpture, contemporary sculpture and abstract sculpture. An exhibition by Ortwin Grüttner showing fascinating Marble Castles, Ball Runs and other toys. Mirko Siakkou-Flodin shows how to get a huge steel ball out of the garage. Other works and the Robot Ball Run are exhibited on his website The world of marbles by Johannes Schmitz - everything about marbles including pictures of different types of ball runs. Besides there is a list of 196 different German terms for the meaning 'marble'. Ben Jackson's only completed wooden Rolling Ball Sculpture This website shows the so-called Pachinko Gambling Machines. Interessting is the Automatic Ball Lifter which is available on this site. It automatically takes balls from the bottom ball bin in back of the machine and lifts them to the hopper on the top of the machines. The Dent company made high quality replicas of earlier famous skeleton clocks. E. Dent is the maker of the shown Congreve rolling ball model.




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