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An overview of simple machines There are six different machine principals, considered to be the simplest and most basic, that are incorporated into modern-day machinery. Thank you Marcus for your research. A park of Virtuel Sound Sculptures with sound and film elements by the artist Iby-Jolande Varga. Kind of a soap box derby for old tape decks! The website of Thomas Moll: The proof that there is a complex link between chaos and ingenuity! A free energy demonstrato, the so-called SMOT from Greg Watson. The website of The International Institute of Gizmology. The "seven fields of gizmology" are a new classification of kinetics. The official Rube Goldberg-Website. The famous "RG-Contest" is subject of this page. Groups are given an elementary challenge: as simple as sharpening a pencil or putting toothpaste on a toothbrush. But instead of just "solving" the problem, students have to make the solution as complicated and as convoluted as possible.
A nice and well explaned example is the machine by
Jacob Shwirtz at The electrical engineer Jürgen Kintscher describes his projects and presents a lot of very helpful material explaining lifting mechanisms, gating systems, effects a.s.o.. Many animated pictures make it easy to understand. Unpowered Walkers and Hoppers by Peter Steinkamp. He's experimenting with passive dynamic motion. and Matthias Wandel's page with "complicated and ingenious, but utterly useless pieces of machinery that automate the process of playing with marbles". The kinetic art gadgets by Tim Fort are a cross between an ordinary chain of dominoes and a Rube Goldberg device. Designing Movement: An Aesthetic Investigation of Motion in Product Design by Ben Hopson Crabfu SteamWorks - steam powered machines and centipedes of the American I-Wei Huang.
Klann Research and Development, LLC is the patent holder on the leg mechanics of the mechanical spider. For their graduation project at the University of Leiden, these students developed a new kind of output device for their computer, consisting out of 8100 tabletennis balls in 6 greytones. The Mechatronic Art Lab encourages interdisciplinary skills in the fields of mechanics, electronics, informatics and arts. The ultimate watch for RBS fans "The smallest paper ball run of the world" and some other very special paperworks Lots of toys and all about illusions and physical tricks. For the ball run click on Models of coasters built from 1995-2002
The Kinetic New Years Postcard A Shockwave Flash 3.0 file including sound ! A pretty crazy virtual Blue Ball Machine by YTMND Inc & Max Goldberg A well researched website about perpetual motion machines, including a history of all the efforts and concepts. The Norwegian artist and inventor Reidar Finsrud made this perpetual motion machine. It's exhibited and got started near Drøbak (Norway) in 1996. After its cleaning in 2006 it's supposed to work for another 10 years. Brock Engineering's mechanism home page: virtual mechanisms, animated by Java The Little Engine Pages, by Roy Rice and Richard Egge: Stirling Engines, other external combustion engines and South Pointing Chariots A HONDA advertising: Kind of a reproduction of the famous video "Der Lauf der Dinge" by Fischli & Weiss. Laser Magic Productions creates magical objects f.e. Anti-Gravity Waterfalls. They are specialized in methods of three dimensionally imaging and moving light in space.
The rolling ball (more or less) generator known as the Pinwheel Generator located on the websites. It only exists, as far as I know, in picture form. So if somebody likes to start building it just have a look at the sketches.
Look at this picture and your eyes get kinetic...
The rolling ball (more or less) generator known as the Pinwheel Generator located on the websites (pretty weird!). So, if somebody got enough time to solve the worlds energy problem just start building it and have a look at the sketches.




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