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Museums and Science Centers Twice a year the Museum Haus Löwenberg gets the center of kinetic art. Weird machines, rolling ball sculptures, automata and toys attract thousands of visitors. The website of the Museum Jean Tinguely Basel in Switzerland The Technorama, a museum, where you can experience and understand technical engineering and scientific phenomena. The Cabaret Mechanical Theatre is a Museum with a large collection of Automata, mechanical sculptures and other curious machines. A Museum of Automata founded by Guido Accascina in 2001 near Rome, Italy. MAD The Mechanical Art & Design Museum in Stratford upon Avon, England. Deutsches Automatenmuseum - Collection Gauselmann shows a nice summery of the history of automata. A small and wonderful museum with the poetical machines by Paul Gugelmann Gestural Engineering: The Sculpture of Arthur Ganson at the MIT Museum. Kinetica in London exhibits works of many artists. The work to be exhibited at Kinetica can be divided into the categories: KINETIC - the art of light and movement, ROBOTIC - the art of mechanised and interactive machines, VIDEO - screen-based art with works making use of projectors, SOUND - environments or machines which concentrate on sound. Kinetica is managed and developed by a strong core team, comprising of artists, educational and business associates who have had many years of expertise in their specific chosen fields. The first Rolling Ball Museum of the world in Korea The museum in Falaise (F) exhibits mechanical display dummies and whole scenes for shop windows like they were made in the twenties in Paris. CIMA, a museum in Sainte-Croix (Switzerland) showing musical boxes and automata Phaenomenta, the museum in Lüdenscheid (Germany) has an excellent website with lots of online experiments. Sensorium, a longterm exhibition in the Swiss Rüttihubelbad dedicated to ideas of Hugo Kükelhaus The Art Park in Rhodes managed by Damon & Emily Papakiriakou will open in May 2006. It is a non-profitable cultural multi-art place created from artists to artists where artist in all media, musicians actors etc. can participate. The art Park is located at a place, where every day hundreds of tourists pass by from all over the world. The Tüftel-Labor is a workshop for young tinkerer in Zurich (Switzerland) - great place for kids and teens.
Galleries, Networks and Compendia The Saatchi Gallery has always aimed to provide an innovative forum for contemporary art, presenting work by largely unseen young artists or by established international artists whose work has been rarely or never exhibited in the UK The amazing poetical machines of the Sharmanka Kinetic Gallery in Glasgow. Wooden sculptures and bits of old junk are brought to life. The International Sculpture Center (ISC) is a member-supported, nonprofit organization founded in 1960 to advance the creation and understanding of sculpture and its unique, vital contribution to society. Members include sculptors, collectors, patrons, architects, developers, journalists, curators, historians, critics, educators, foundries, galleries, and museums - anyone with an interest in and commitment to the field of sculpture. For kinetic section click kunstaspekte is a worldwide network and compendium for visual arts (in German). Swissart is one of the biggest and most used platforms in Switzerland Australian Aboriginal Art worldwide (all kinds of boomerangs!) Buy art prints, posters, fine art, picture frames and framed decorative wall mirrors online. Upload your digital photos and frame them with real time viewing with our virtual framer. is a directory on the web including art, painting, drawing and more. Free to use but there is a 10% commission payable when you get a commission via the site. The Art Gallery Worldwide is a visual art online resource. Buy Original Art - Online Art Galleries Directory Continuous changing exhibit of digital sculpture, modeling and painting, along with features, articles and critiques




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