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       The amazing mechanical sculptures of Arthur Ganson. Ganson combines his knowledge of mechanical engineering with an artistic flair to create ingenious sculptures, many of which move. kinetics - fabrics - objects by Anja Luithle on a beautiful designed website Beautiful and sophisticated wind-driven sculpture by Tim Prentice. The movies about the objects are worth the download time! Amazing objects, sculptures, drawings, machines and installations by the sculptor Daniel Depoutot Projects and kinetic art by Dim-Tech (Daniel Imboden). Direct link to kinetic art:
Sinnwerkstatt, a factory designing and constructing RBS, kinetic devices and special effects for museums, organizations and events Technical masterpieces by Felix Scharstein and his company in Berlin. the Robodock Festival merges technology and art to an overwhelming experience Survival Research Laboratories was conceived of and founded by Mark Pauline in November 1978. Since its inception SRL has operated as an organization of creative technicians dedicated to re-directing the techniques, tools, and tenets of industry, science, and the military away from their typical manifestations in practicality, product or warfare. Each performance consists of a unique set of ritualized interactions between machines, robots, and special effects devices, employed in developing themes of socio-political satire. Kal Spelletich presents performances allowing audience members to directly operate and interact with machines, robots and kinetic art. Kinetic art by Jean-François Scalbert Web based sculptures, kinetic and robotic sculptures, wind and solar powered projects by Joaquin Fargas. The Meeting of Art, Science & Technology. Mark Bischof's rolling ball bculptures, kinetic works and complex machines are made of fine materials and are both - functional and aesthetic. The Rolling Ball Web of Dr. David M. MacMillan: An Online Compendium of Rolling Ball Sculptures, Clocks and more An assortment of machines by the artist Andreas Fischer. He lives and works in Düsseldorf (Germany). The projection machines of the artist Peter Fischer: poetical, magical, playful Fantastic beach beasts by Theo Jansen. Looking like skeletons they are able to walk on the wind. Grillmaschine, mechanischer Korkenzieher, Servietten-Willi, Hand-Schlagbohrmaschine und vieles mehr. Die Erfindungen des Schlossermeisters Walter Günther sind in seinem Buch "Die mechanische Bratwurst" reich und illustriert. The Canadian artist Michel de Broin lives and works in Canada and Europe. The German artist Johannes Vogl lives and works in Berlin (D) and Vienna (AT). "Harvest" for terrafon, traditional music ensemble and cropland and other performances and works by Olle Cornéer Bernward Frank's kinetic objects, many of them forced by wind. Movable paintings from Danmark by Kristine Suhr. The mechanical pictures are made of wood and then painted. A huge machine by Erich Schatt - all of it made of wood! The wonderful poetical machines of Paul Gugelmann Kinetic wind sculpures by Paolo Uliana Wire fantasies, air-driven mobiles, wind sculptures and lots of more beautiful kinetic art by the sculptor Yvan LOZZI Pestalozzi. Motorized sculptures created by Jim Jenkins: "My role as an artist can best be described as part sculptor, part engineer, and part choreographer." The website of the Museum Jean Tinguely Basel in Switzerland Life and work of Alexander Calder. Also look at The Dutch artist Hans Kooi creates kinetic sculptures using wood, stone and magnetism. Ellen Muck an artist from Köln, Germany shows "Play Machines", four of them with a ball run. The amazing poetical machines of the Sharmanka Kinetic Gallery. Wooden sculptures and bits of old junk are brought to life. KAO (Kinetic Art Organization) is a large international database compendium of Kinetic Art, sculptures, information, photos and videos. Luke Blackstone "finds seemingly disparate objects and materials throughout the community and connect them together in such a way that forms a working system... Thus, his studio becomes a black hole for these wayward objects, and due to laws of gravity, connection is inevitable and the resulting summation emerges into sculptural form." Mechanical toys and sculpture incorporating found metal objects by Gina Kamentsky Kinetic artwork (Op-Art), sculptures and paintings by Youri Messenjaschin Sculpture, kinetic sculpture and installation art by Alex Sanson Kinetic Totem by the sculptor Patrice Hubert The most beautiful kinetic objects made by Ludvik Cejp. The mechanism of his objects (for example 'Decolleté Lunaris', a calendar made of wood which shows the lunar phases) are highly sophisticated. Kinetic sculptures and automata by Chris Fitch The works by the artist Dirk Ehrhardt - machines looking like a potpourri of a gas stove and a film projector. Solar powered robots based on hardwired behavior and novel mechanical designs and handmade wooden automaton by Dug North Kinetic wind sculptures by David Boyer Automorphic Art by Volkhard Stürzbecher - an artist of nonlinear dynamic systems. Wind powered kinetic mechanical sculptures by Francois Hameury and Water art and water games by Gerhard Zsambok Besides his professional activity as an architect Virginio Moutinho is a passionate collector and designer of mechanical toys and animated art objects, full of humour and surprise. Straight link: Obsessed with fitness? Than have a look at the "Ego Machines" by Charlotte Petersen. For the video click on Rein Triefeldt's bronze kinetic sculptures are lyrical constructions about rhythm, balance, motion and emotion. Ralfonso's website with images and movies of large to monumental kinetic sculptures moving in the wind, water and as mobiles. Most are designed for outdoor display, in Public, Governmental and Corporate Buildings, as well as Parks. Kinetic steel sculptures by Michael Hischer: time and change as fourth dimension. Moving objects, an introduction to the kinetic art of Paul Walboom. You almost can hear the crackling of high voltage! and Real special devices for social survival by the artist Ira D. Sherman. An exhibition of amazing wearable mechanized art. Kinetic 'models of communication' by the artist Alexander Schmid, Germany. The 40 pictures - few of them animated - are a funny and impressive way to look at the phenomena of communication. Charles Morgan is specialised in creating amazing, electro-mechanical sculptures: for example a miniature road sign for crossings with heavy traffic. Also on this page: the "Tourismusflipper" of the Verkehrshaus in Lucern, Switzerland. George Rhoads many works: Kinetic sculptures, rolling ball machines, toys, gum ball machines, wind pieces, clocks... Interactive kinetic sculpture by Peter William Holden: An alternative approach to virtual reality using installation art to create fantasy worlds. light- and airobjects by Frank Fierke (art|cybernetics and air.bjects) Helmut Baur's visionary, kinetic machines write and draw messages in sand. Rolling ball sculptures, kinetic and figurative sculptures by Andrew Smith, Utah Rolf Langebartels, sculptor and musician shows his works: Experimental art & music, kinetic sculptures, sound sculptures, a.o. and Two websites about the life and the work of Alexander Calder - one of the fathers of kinetic art. Wood That Works: spring driven kinetic sculptures by David C. Roy. Intricate wooden escapement mechanisms that fascinate and entertain viewers as they rhythmically, randomly and mysteriously move. Kinetic Sound Sculptures and other artwork by the Unit 2 artists Lou Larson and Steve Zieverink Click on Beeldende Kunst for kinetic objects by Karin ter Waarbeek Sculptures in Architecture by Todor Todorov - quite a few of them are kinetic. Interactive kinetic objects by Christian Nienhaus. Ronald Mallory's kinetic sculptures: Constructions containing mercury, glass and mixed media mounted on wall with swivel. More of his work is in MoMA and other museums around the world. shows currents work by Gary Schott, metalsmith, jeweler and kinetic artist living in the US Kinetic sculpture by Donald Gerola Large kinetic light sculptures and other automata with electronics by Robert Kieronski Kinetic objects, projections and installations by Georg Hartung (many pictures are animated). Ursula Neugebauers figures are made of fabric. Slowly they awake and start a dynamic dance. Claus Schneidereit with his solar powered aesthetic machines showing playful aimlessness. The objects by Chuck Genco present unexpected results. The work is interactive at a basic level. It is meant to be explored, examined over time, yet it remains elusive because the mechanisms by which it works are hidden, teasingly inaccessible. Beautiful performances with machines by the BBM-Team (with Olaf Arndt) f18 - the institute for art, information and technology in Hamburg, Germany (Robotics - Mechanics - Sounds - Supervision) UNCAGED by Ralf Nuhn is a series of six interactive installations exploring interrelationships and transitions between screen-based digital environments and their physical surroundings. The website shows flexible constructions and objects by the sculptor Nikolaus Weiler. Kinetic objects and moving sculptures by Volkert van der Wijk Sculptural work and installations by Marcus Berkmann. The relation in time and space gets the effect on visitors. Arts, furniture and kinetic objects by Jo Fielitz Kinetic objects, installations and sculptures by Markus Heinsdorff Two kinetic water objects by Roland Hermanns (designed in cooperation with Bernward Frank) Paul Kamper's website. Click on 'Werke 2 and 3' for the bented and polished steel-plates moving in the wind looking like transparent mirrors. wind-art and lots of other objects by Kisa. (Kirsten Sauer). Click on 'Drachen' for a first impression and also look at 'scuba-doo' an underwater kite. Optic objects, environments of mirrors and light and lots of other works by Christian Megert. About things coming to an end and about the beauty of the moment: pictures and objects by Ramon Hofer Kraner Installations with hanging and moving art by Chiel Kuijl Monumental kinetic sculptures made of industrial findings by Odo Rumpf Kinetic sculptures or wind driven meditations created by Scott Tyler The website of the Estonian artist Tom Altnurme also shows kinetic sculptures The media artist Aram Bartholi uses candles to build huge screens. For videos click on and Kinetic sculptures by Marcus Weigl - moved by wind, water and mind Moving objects and useless engineering by Ulrich Westerfrölke - water, solar, air, sound The kinetic art gadgets by Tim Fort are a cross between an ordinary chain of dominoes and a Rube Goldberg device. Kinetic and electronic arts informations and resources Wonderful wave installations by Reuben Margolin Tom Brewitz's kinetic works: spheres, ellipses and squares in light and graceful motion.

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