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       The websites of Alfred Hoehn - have a look at the drafting machine Maios 1 Combining a background of sculpture, engineering, and large transforming theatre sets. Andy Plant has been making interactive mechanical sculpture for 25 years. When kinetics go magic... The website of Andreas Meinhardt and Gernot Bohnenberger Objects for interactive moments by Gary Schott John Clair Watts is a Canadian sculptor whose website showcases an assemblage gallery, sculpture exhibitions and more. Applause at the push of a button? You may get that visiting Martin Müller and his kinetic-acoustic machines and objects! Kinetic and other projects by Robert Wechsler Bill Urmenyi makes electronics for artists and designs kinetic objects. Miniature steam machines by Szymon Klimek from Poznan, Poland Bicycle Clocks by Larry Fransen utilizing sprockets and chains for both support and altering speed. Objects by the abstract mechanical sculptor Garth Kennedy Matthew Steinke uses kinetic and sound sculpture to portray the complexities of social systems both biological and technological. He produces installations and performances that incorporate chance and instability into their design. The website of the artist Karsten Kunert. Click on 'installations' for kinetic objects. Phenomena and works of color, light and fabrics by Gisela Meyer-Hahn Mobiles and wind sculptures by Ulrich Schmied Kinetic objects and installations by Michiel van Overbeek Kinetic objects and pictures by Detlef Hänsel or direct link Kinetic objects, technical teaching aids and kits. Kinetic garden sculptures and mechanical toys and sculptures by Arthur Higgins Hanging Mobiles and Stabiles, original kinetic sculpture by mobile artist Unigami Stained glass mobiles, designed and handcrafted by Jennifer Mitchell Mobiles by Julie Frith - Modern hanging art mobiles and stabiles, small to large - custom color, size and design. kinetic sculpture, contemporary sculpture and abstract sculpture by Jeff Owen. is the direct link to Chaos, a Rolling ball Sculpture.




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